Harvester - Poster Print - premium-luster-photo-paper-poster-_in_-24x36-transparent-64c801b063211
  • Harvester - Poster Print - premium-luster-photo-paper-poster-_in_-24x36-transparent-64c801b063211
  • Harvester - Poster Print - premium-luster-photo-paper-poster-_in_-12x18-transparent-64c801b064c1d

Harvester - Poster Print



This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant
• Paper sourced from Japan


"In the desolate corners of the dark world, where shadows loom and despair reigns, there exists a malevolent machine known only as "The Harvester." A haunting creation forged from the darkest depths of human imagination, it roams the forsaken lands, forever hungry, forever seeking to satiate its insatiable thirst for power.

An unsettling amalgamation of iron and bone, The Harvester moves with a dreadful grace, its mechanical limbs clanking and screeching like the cries of tormented souls. The air around it seems to grow colder, and a sense of impending doom permeates the atmosphere, as if even the very earth recoils from its presence.

Its eyes scan the forlorn landscape, seeking out the faintest glimmers of life force—the essence of mortal souls. With each target acquired, it descends upon its prey with ruthless precision, extending sinister tendrils that resemble ghostly specters, reaching out to ensnare and capture the essence of life.

As it siphons the souls, a chorus of anguished wails echoes through the land, the ethereal cries of the departed torn from their rightful rest. The Harvester absorbs their essence, converting it into an ominous and potent energy that courses through its dark mechanical veins.

No soul is spared from its insidious grasp. The Harvester shows no mercy, leaving only desolation and emptiness in its wake. Its malevolent aura taints the land, rendering it barren and lifeless, a scarred testament to the power it wields.

Some say The Harvester was crafted by the very forces that seek to perpetuate suffering and misery. Others believe it to be a creation borne from the depths of a twisted mind—a reflection of the darkness that festers within the hearts of those who long for power above all else."